Our direct access service to Asian markets guarantees exporters will have better and safer possibilities of establishing reliable, successful business relationships.

China’s rising demand for services and raw materials generates excellent business opportunities for Latin America’s exportable offer.

Our customers can count on a permanently established sales office in Taiwan geared towards the penetration of their markets based on the following services:
Analysis of demand.
Study of import regulations and commercialization at the end destination.
Identification of market niches.
Identification of potential customers.
Pre-selection of reliable customers.
Reporting on the importer’s requirements and specifications.
Sample reception and further presentation to customers at their end destination.
Direct and personalized negotiation of prices and trade conditions:
* Volume of supply
* Delivery times
* Means and terms of payment
* Quality standards
Closing of deals, with shipment and delivery follow-up.
Joint end-destination inspection with the importer.
Preparation of reports once the operation is closed.
Evaluation of importer satisfaction.
Generation of future business.
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